Team Topsy's POP!

Once upon a time there were a group of women that attended a photo shoot for a brand.  They all decided that everyone should experience the amazing body positivity that they experienced that day.
Out of that, Positively Perfect was born. Unfortunately,  life, jobs and other things got in the way for the majority of that group.  

Katie and Jonas however, had a burning passion to help people learn to accept and eventually love their bodies.  So we said goodbye to PP and joined forces with Jo and Nat and became Team Topsy’s Place Of Positivity.

We will continue with our quest until everyone loves who they are.  Sharing daily inspiration on Facebook and Instagram to brighten up your day and provoke conversation.

Our events are what’s most popular, our #BOPOByTheSea shoots have been all over the UK.

Team Topsy’s POP #TTsPOP is now the events side of Team Topsy, so the beach shoots are continuing and so much more!  We want to spread the message of inclusion, body positivity and empowerment.

Come and join in the chat and fun on our Facebook and instagram pages:



Who are POP?

Katie is POP, she is the driving force behind what was Positively Perfect and now is Team Topsy's POP. She is the ideas person, the organiser and the motivator to get things done, all in her spare time. 

Jonas, also known as BigRedJ and Katie's Husband/Shadow (the one with a camera and computer) is on this mission to give people that boost of confidence, and hopefully a nice photograph too. 

Jo & Nat; Topsy Curvy, long time supporters of Katie & Jonas, have been to most of our past events, so it just seemed right that we join forces and conquer the body confidence world.